Friday, March 9, 2007

Barnyard the movie

Tonight is Friday night the night in which the McKenna Family sit down together and watch a movie. This has been a tradition with us for many years. As most of you who know Jason he has seen just about every movie out there (it stems from when he was young and his dad owned a video store). He of course wants to share this love of movies with his own kids, hence Friday night movie night.

Tonight the movie of choice was Barnyard. The kids have all seen this a few times (we ordered the pay-per view before we left, thank you TiVo). I don't know if you have ever watched a movie after your kids have seen it but its like torture to keep them from telling you everything that's happening before it happens but. I digress, it was really an enjoyable movie if you can get past the barnyard errors (ie male cows do not have utters). The kids loved it and Jason laughed the whole way through it so I would have to rate this movie a 2 and maybe a half. Its one that is defiantly pay-per view worthy but not one will buy.

So pop some popcorn put your feet up and watch a movie (its one the cheapest entertainment out their).

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hbrenchley said...

how funny that i have watched that movie several times and never once picked that are you ready for next weekend I am!!!! thank you very much. I am going to need it by the time it comes. We have to move!!!! I will tell you why sometime.