Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It has been a while since I last posted I now and I'm very sorry, there has just been alot going on and Jason has all the pictures on his camera which he keeps with him so he can take pictures of things like this. I am hoping to corner him at lunch and get it so I can down load the pictures and write a nice long informative message with pictures.
Other wise this is whats been happening:
DJ had his pine wood derby in march and was given the award for the most realistic. Kaitlyn had her math counts competition at Salt Lake Community Collage they had a lot of fun but didn't place :( The whole family went and stayed at Debbie's that weekend and had a nice visit, then went to the dentist on Monday. We stayed home for Easter and its a good thing we did because I ended up in bed all day with a terrible migraine that even Lortab didn't help. The "Easter bunny" did come though (even though my kids don't believe in the Easter bunny)and they had fun hunting for Easter eggs. The kids had spring break over Easter weekend and I told them that spring break was started so that kids could help with spring planting and since we don't live on a farm they have to help with spring cleaning (I know I'm sooo mean;) Oh yeah and Red was fixed, no puppy's for him, and Soot lost all her hair, she was shaved and now looks like a rat.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Look

One morning before Shelbie left for school she said to me "mom, I have split ends, can you make me an appointment to get my hair cut". I, being the mom of 5 that I am told her she doesn't need her hair cut go to school. So imagine my surprise the next morning when she comes upstairs for prayer and she looks like this

She had stayed up the night before and cut her own hair, layers and all. I was shocked.
She looks really cute with it and she did a surprisingly good job, but oh how I miss my little girl. I know longer have a say in what she does, I'm just glad she did it so well and is very happy about it because I wouldn't know how to fix this.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know it has been forever since I have blogged. But know with all the kids in school and 6 hours all to myself, I have found that I have alot of time to do whatever I want. The only problem has been what do I want to do. So the dishes are done the floor vacuumed and the bathroom is clean all I have left to do is fill the next 4 hours until the kids come home.

To update; Shelbie, does nothing but go to school but she is getting good grades and has decided to work towards her business degree next year, she is also working to finish her Personal progress so that she will have it finished before she turns 16 and is excited about being able to drive in 6 months;( So PLEASE pray for me.

Kaitlyn is doing well in school, she is in a play this semester (I forget what it's called) she is also in a math club called, Math Counts. They had a mathletes competition on Feb. 28th and her group (there where 4 girls) won 2nd place and are now going to a state competition the end of this month, of which she is very excited.

The other kids are doing great to they are getting tired of school and are ready for a break, they are also looking forward to spring, winter seems so long that as soon as the weather is above freezing they want to ware shorts.

Well I guess its time to find something to crochet or some cross stiching to do. Tomorrow I will be off helping Jason survey (that means me sitting in his truck reading) that will at least fill my day with something differant.

Friday, August 15, 2008

McKenna Weekly

In this last week we celebrated Amanda's birthday. She got a guinea pig and named it Cavy. She also got a poster that she can color. Her cake was purple (of course; that is her favorite color). Amanda also caught a cold. Jason and Shelbie had Youth Conference. Shelbie didn't go because she wasn't feeling well. The kids went swimming on Tuesday, I went to the Family History Library, I also cleaned out the garage (sorry there's no "before and after" pictures). That about sums it up. Sorry we're not very interesting.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 4th and other events

We have been very busy here are a few pictures of the many events that have us going and going. You'll have to excuse the crudity of the image Kaitlyn was the only one that remembered a camera and she's still learning.

For those of you that don't know this is none other then the Corbin Bleu. One of the girls many heart throbs.

Brooks and Dunn was the feature band at this years events. They did a good job of course. And of course the fire works were amazing if I knew how to post video I would show you.

The week of the 4th was also Jason's family reunion. They go camping together, these days usually at some resort campground. Its a lot of fun so we always go. This year though we only went for the day.

and for those of you who haven't met our new puppy this is Max. He's Jasons pure breed Austrailin sheepard just like he always wanted.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh, what do you do in the summertime...

Oh, what do you do in the summertime when all the leaves are green. One month down and only 2 to go, today like everyday we are trying to fill the time until school starts. The kids have there chores to do everyday but when that's done its always "mom I'm bored whats there to do". I of course being the mom I say "there is always work to be done" and then the kids say "I'm not that bored".

We have actually been very busy this summer. The kids have the pool in the back yard to play in and if that's to dull they can walk the 2 blocks to the public pool and play with there Friend there. They also like to go to the park by the pool and enjoy the free lunch the state provides for kids who's parents work (I know sounds what it sounds like but why not let my kids go I pay my taxes just like everyone else besides they get to see there school Friends and play at the park for a little while and I get some peace). The kids and I have also been spending alot of time in my garden, the radishes are ready and the tomatoes and peas are almost ready, we cant wait.

But today will be different one of Kaitlyn's Friend was in the hospital last week with a burst appendix and is not allowed to do anything more strenuous then walking so they will be going to entertain this poor little girl for an hour or two while I clean my messy house (that's one thing that never stays done with the kids home)

I really do like summertime and having the kids home. We get to sleep as long as we want and cuddle up in front of the TV and watch Mythbusters all day. (If only I could keep my house clean it would be perfect).

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fathers and Sons

Its our wards Fathers and Sons outing tonight. Jason took the boys and went up the canyon. So its just us girls tonight. They had a great time I gave them some money and they went to the Marion's for a burger and to a movie, (Surfs Up) with there cousins. So basically it was just me at home tonight I rather enjoyed it, I got the remote, I watched what I wanted, and it was quiet. I need to do this more often. Next week Jason will get a couple of nights home alone when I take the kids to Utah Valley with me on Tuesday, we have a Dentist apt. We are also staying for Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove (cant miss those strawberry's and cream) and the rodeo Thursday.

Hopefully I wont forget my camera. I now some of you would rather see pictures, then read, much less boring!

Oh and one more thing, hopefully well be able to find us a new car, HURRAY!