Friday, June 15, 2007

Fathers and Sons

Its our wards Fathers and Sons outing tonight. Jason took the boys and went up the canyon. So its just us girls tonight. They had a great time I gave them some money and they went to the Marion's for a burger and to a movie, (Surfs Up) with there cousins. So basically it was just me at home tonight I rather enjoyed it, I got the remote, I watched what I wanted, and it was quiet. I need to do this more often. Next week Jason will get a couple of nights home alone when I take the kids to Utah Valley with me on Tuesday, we have a Dentist apt. We are also staying for Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove (cant miss those strawberry's and cream) and the rodeo Thursday.

Hopefully I wont forget my camera. I now some of you would rather see pictures, then read, much less boring!

Oh and one more thing, hopefully well be able to find us a new car, HURRAY!

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Heidi said...

Kenzie and I cant wait to see you!
where are you going to stay? we are also in need of finding a new car, the neon that I usually drive has a cracked engine block! Hopefully we can jimmy rig it enough to get a traid in on it.

See you next week!!!!!