Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Look

One morning before Shelbie left for school she said to me "mom, I have split ends, can you make me an appointment to get my hair cut". I, being the mom of 5 that I am told her she doesn't need her hair cut go to school. So imagine my surprise the next morning when she comes upstairs for prayer and she looks like this

She had stayed up the night before and cut her own hair, layers and all. I was shocked.
She looks really cute with it and she did a surprisingly good job, but oh how I miss my little girl. I know longer have a say in what she does, I'm just glad she did it so well and is very happy about it because I wouldn't know how to fix this.


Heidi said...

I think it is cute to!! But she looks so OLD!!! Help we are not that old yet!!! so she is going to 15 in Sept. and be able to drive!!! Ready or not here it comes

goldmania said...

I agree. Wow, they are all so big. I like the family picture! Enjoy your time. Watch soaps, read, who cares!! Yeah for you!!