Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know it has been forever since I have blogged. But know with all the kids in school and 6 hours all to myself, I have found that I have alot of time to do whatever I want. The only problem has been what do I want to do. So the dishes are done the floor vacuumed and the bathroom is clean all I have left to do is fill the next 4 hours until the kids come home.

To update; Shelbie, does nothing but go to school but she is getting good grades and has decided to work towards her business degree next year, she is also working to finish her Personal progress so that she will have it finished before she turns 16 and is excited about being able to drive in 6 months;( So PLEASE pray for me.

Kaitlyn is doing well in school, she is in a play this semester (I forget what it's called) she is also in a math club called, Math Counts. They had a mathletes competition on Feb. 28th and her group (there where 4 girls) won 2nd place and are now going to a state competition the end of this month, of which she is very excited.

The other kids are doing great to they are getting tired of school and are ready for a break, they are also looking forward to spring, winter seems so long that as soon as the weather is above freezing they want to ware shorts.

Well I guess its time to find something to crochet or some cross stiching to do. Tomorrow I will be off helping Jason survey (that means me sitting in his truck reading) that will at least fill my day with something differant.

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