Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Making of a disaster

It is officially summer here in Roosevelt. The schools are out. The kids are happy. All my flowers are blooming. Does this sound like a disaster in the making to you?

Well it wasn't really not until Sunday night when we were happily heading to Debbie's house for the night to spend Memorial Day with my family and leave some flowers for my mother. You see we have been having trouble with our old but well loved Suburban, at the ripe old age of 19 you would expect a little sagging around the speedometer. But on this occasion the sag turned into a grind and with smoke billowing out from under the car we start to worry. We were about half way to Heber at this moment and ready to ascend the mountains before Strawberry. So with a little deliberation and a top speed of 40 mph, we decided to head back (I wanted to keep going, who were we going to find to fix whatever was wrong with the car in the podunk town of Roosevelt). In the process of limping home Jason figured out that something was wrong with the transmission (oh the horror). We hoped it was just a hose or something cheap and easy to fix. But with it being 19 years old...
Needless to say its cheaper to put old faithful out of our misery then fix.

So the disaster begins.

I hate car shopping

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debbie said...

Hey I am with you there. I will sell you mine, oh yea, it is only 2 wheel drive, thus the reason I want to get rid of it. I did see a suburban, '01, for only $7900. on state st. in Provo. Good luck to you and you are welcome to stay anytime.