Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Break

Last week was the kids Spring Break. It was a wonderful time for me and the kids. We had lots of things planned (at least I had lots of things planned), and as is always the case in these instances only a small portion of them actually got finished. We were going to tear down the wallpaper in both Shelbie and Kaitlyn's rooms, all we got to was Kaitlyn's. We were going to pull up the carpet in Shelbies room, she hasn't even gotten the furniture out of her room yet. They did get to play with there cousin Rylee on Wed. and Thur. with a sleepover Thur. night. Shelbie, Kaitlyn and I went to the eye doctor and all three of us are sporting new specs. and then on sat. came the big BBQ at grampa's with lots of cousins, boats, and an Easter eggs hunt. They had so much fun at grampa's, and its such a long trip to see every body, that they were too tired to go to church on Sunday. But it was a great holiday anyway and I was very thankful for all the time I got to spend with my kids!

As for all those projects well theres always Saturday...

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Heidi said...

We miss you guys so maybe we will move out there! Its probably the one place we could afford! J/K Brock did ask why you have to "libe out at Roosebelt" his words. (as a little speech thing) I guess if our lifes ever get to normal or calmed down. well come for a visit!