Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Since my Internet seems to be behaving itself today I will update on whats been going on. If you are an avoid reader of my blog you already know that over spring break we emptied Kaitlyn's and Amanda's room, pulled down the wallpaper to prepare for texture, paint and pull up the carpet to refinish the wood floors. What you don't know is whats happened since that weekend?

It seems to me that when it comes to home improvement projects there is this pattern of hurry up then wait. Jason and I couldn't texture on the weekend of the 7th because of family obligations, we don't have time during the week because of work, school, and church obligations. So Amanda and Kaitlyn happily spent the week sleeping on an air mattress in there room while I went crazy because all there bedroom furniture was and still is in my living room. Luckily the weekend came, Jason riped off the trim, up the carpet and did the texture all in one Saturday afternoon. It was great, progress! It dried all day Sunday and the rest is up to me, I do all the painting and after scrubbing the floors today Kaitlyn and Amanda will be able to help move there furniture back in this afternoon. There rooms not finished by any means, there is still refinishing the floors, buying new trim and new windows but until Shelbie's room is this far that will have to wait.

Whats on the schedule for next week, Shelbie's room :(

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