Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valintine's Day to all!

Jason and I don't really celebrate Valentines Day, and to be honest we never really have. We tell each other and our kids we love them every day, so it wouldn't be any different then any other day, anyway. As for Jason and brings me flowers he does that all year long. Jason and I did go out to dinner though. It wasn't planned or anything we were just out and it was dinner time.

This Valentine's Day was different though I had to spend all day planning an activity for my Achievement days girls, it was fun. I baked 26 heart shaped cookies and let the girls do the decorating. They seemed to be having a contest to see how much candy they could get to stick to the cookies. They did one for there mothers and one for themselves and made a huge mess of the churches kitchen. But they all had a good time, I hope.

So that's our Valentines, not much to it huh.

Our big celebration, the one that I look forward to every year, will come in another 2 weeks! We have it all planned out and I am so Excited!

But that's all for know, its been a very long day, and I'm on my way to bed.

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