Monday, February 12, 2007


Some time in early December on a peaceful Sunday morning. My family and I were on are way to church. We were early as we usually are and there were but a few cars in the parking lot. As we left the car and headed into the building the quiet of the morning (after all it was 9 am) was pierced my an insistent and desperate cry, MEOW MEOW MEOW. So I with great concern head of to find the noise and to my distress I found in the engine well of a car a tiny little kitten. This poor desperate little kitten was black as night and couldn't have been more then 8 weeks old if that. As I pulled the poor thing from its warm but dangerous perch inside the car it clung to me and I wondered where this poor thing had come from. the car it was insides licence said that it was from vernal over 15 miles away. I thought there is no way it came from Vernal. I knew it had to be from close by. I had no time to find the owner at that moment church was to start soon, so we stowed the kitten in our car for safe keeping.

After church we took the kitten home it was cold and hungry and had a small scrape on its chin. After we feed it Jason looked it over carefully and decided that the poor thing had been kicked out either by its mom or the owner (that kind of thing happens alot in small towns). Jason and I decided that we could keep it and named it midnight the same as the cat Jason had growing up. He has been a wonderful addition and everyone loves him (even fickle Cinder).

The reason I'm bringing up this story, or the reason I was even thinking about it is that poor little midnight isn't so little anymore. He is know the size of a normal cat. With normal cat tendencies, ie. scratching and running around at all hours of the night. So as he is a boy and to avoid any other tendencies we had him fixed and declawed this week. Its so sad when there done and they come home and they don't even want to stand on those little paws because they're hurting. But its what has to be done if they want to live with me. He will now be able to be a happy addition to our family.

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Anonymous said...

Wait a min. is cinder declawed? I cant remember if he was or not, and what is it wit you and strays? So if I decide to get rid of my dog can I bring it to you? j/k :>