Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moving again

On the move again Just can't wait to be on the move again...

Jason is moving. No not out of our house but out of his office. His year lease is up and since he hates to work in the office we gave it up and he is moving his office home, where will put all that office stuff who knows. We already have an office at home complete with a computer, a fax/printer and lots of shelves. What I don't know is where were going to put the computer, fax/printers, desks and filing cabinets from his office. Maybe its time to build on.

It's not the regular office stuff that has me concerned as much as the irregular stuff. You see in Jason's line of work they have to do a lot of printing, stuff like city plans and blue prints or plats as there called. With this type of printing you need really big printers or plotters as there called there big ugly and since they have processors like computers and because Jason's is really old it temp. sensitive so its not like we can stick it in the garage because it doesn't like the cold.

Its just temporary, hopefully. Jason wants to move in with an Engineer in Vernal he works a lot with, while I want him to work closer to home, an office here in town would be nice (this is too close to home). Will have to wait till May when there suppose to move into there new office to find out who wins.

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Harper Family said...

Working from home is a dream... but you have to be dedicated, and tunnel-visioned to work when you are supposed to be working. That would be hard to do wtih kids at home. But hopefully it will work for you. You will love the commute! I promise! hee hee hee