Tuesday, January 30, 2007


we live in an old house, very old from the looks of things. It was built we guess in the 1950 or some time close to it. There are some nice things about buying an older home, for instance we have a great bath tub its not very long but it deeper then your average fiberglass tub and it made of cast iron if you have never bathed in a cast iron tub then I'll explain. Cast iron is hard and cold until you heat it up then it will stay warm for a long time so you could sit and soak for 30 min or more with out having to heat the water back up. Another great thing about this house is that it has hardwood floors through out the main floor and not the cheep stuff you can buy now its at least 1" thick so when we sand it down it looks beautiful. But there are some down sides to like the 50 year old plumbing and electric, and the down side I'm experiencing today, you see I have a mysterious beep going on and I can seem to find it. It sound suspiciously like a fire alarm or carbon mon. detector but again I cant find it. It goes off about every 5 min and only for about a dozon beeps then it stops I have looked in the back bedroom which is where the sound seems to come from and its no where to be see so I am left with an anouing beep, beep, beep. I think its in the attic but why would someone put a fire alarm in the attic, well it will have to bug me for the rest of the day until I can get Jason to find it I just hope its batteries are dying and not that something else is wrong:/

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