Thursday, January 11, 2007

DJ received a remote controlled car from Santa but this is the bow and arrow set that Jordan gave him (Oh boy, there goes my breakables).

Shelbie with her new nano, such a teenager. Santa seemed to know just what she needed (and what her mom and dad needed to, peace and quiet).

Amanda didn't know what she wanted so Santa brought her 4 little stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear and a gift card to Build-A-Bear so she could pick out what she wanted. Don't they fit nicely in DJ's remote car.

Santa gave Kaitlyn a digital camera, know if she could just figure out how to use it!

Jordan received a wooden train from Santa just what he ordered.

I know its kinda late for Christmas pictures but I'm still trying to figure this out we had a great Christmas everyone got what they wanted. They all received new bedding, robes and slippers from mom and dad. Jason and I also received new robes and slippers and the greatest gift of all a happy family.

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Harper Family said...

Come on, join the throngs. You know what they say, the more the merrier! Or is it misery loves company? hum.... Oh well, withever applies we love it.