Friday, January 19, 2007

For some reason my dad has put me in charge of the Brenchley family history. I am in charge of calling all my sisters and brothers (there are 8 of us total) and getting information on all the kids and grandkids, birthdays baptisms ect.. I called Debbie first, shes been the hardest to pin down, after she gave my 3 or 4 dates and places she had to go, again. So next I called Heidi, after all she has her info plus everyones phone#, but after talking to her for an hour it was to late to call anyone else. At this rate it will take all year! So, for those of you in the Brenchley Family, please please e-mail ( me your Family Group Sheet if you have it if not be expecting a call from me, and have the info ready, thank you.

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