Sunday, January 21, 2007

winter came, over night



The snowy pictures are from the 12th of January
The not snowy pics are a week earlier

As most of you have heard it is very cold in our neck of the woods in fact it has been well below 0 degrees for over a week now. Debbie and Heidi both have called to ask how were managing the cold well we've been just fine unfortunately the same can not be said for our ward meeting house as Jason was sitting in his presidency meeting this morning one of the pipes in the church house burst it had frozen over the last week and when they started to use the water today, for the other wards sacrament, the kitchen started filling with water. Thankfully it was Sunday and people were there to catch the leaking before water was everywhere but they had to shut off the water to the entire building so no church today:( and all meetings have to be held at ward members houses. What does this mean for me you might ask? Well as an Activity days leader I will be, for the time being, hosting 10 to 15 girls ranging in age from 8 to 10 years old, YIKES. So, Wednesday of this week my little home will be over run will I, hopefully, teach them to crochet. Wish me luck;)

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Harper Family said...

Good Luck! It could be worse, it could be 15 8-10 boys....
hee hee hee