Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've always liked January, it's usually my favorite month, but for some reason this year I'm really starting to hate it. Why, you might ask, well I feel like I have not stopped moving all month. I hate to be busy I love being a stay-at-home mom so I can stay at home with the most important activity in my day being to clean house and fold laundry. That is usually my life and I have always loved it when its cold I bundle up, snuggle into the couch, turn on some old movie, pull out whatever project I'm working on at the time, and stay out of the cold. Whether it be painting, crocheting or, whatever just as long as its indoors. The only thing I enjoy more is snuggling up with a good book or series of good books you know the kind that seem to continue on forever, ie Children of the Promise or some Anita Stanfield's. But this year it has been nothing but running here or hurrying there and I'll tell you what I'm worn out. This week I have run around town for errands, to Pleasant Grove for the Dentist, and to drop off reminders for Activity Days, as well as piano, preschool, and Kindergarten. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so !@#!$% cold. Thankfully spring is coming and with it summer and soon I'll be sitten by the pool baskin in the sun.

Lets just keep thinking about that "K"


Harper Family said...

I can agree there!!!! I am tired of the cold and I don't even live in a cold climate!

debbie said...

I have to say I am enjoying the cold. Granted I rarely leave my house. But I love the snow and even the fog/smog. I love the anticipation of spring.