Tuesday, January 16, 2007

good bye puppy

We had a puppy but alais it is no more. You see the puppy has gone to a new home. One, we hope is better and warmer but still shes gone and will not return.

Shes a cute puppy and very smart but she wasnt quite what Jason wanted(He wants a Australian Shephard-red merle coloring with blue eyes). So when Trevor was just dieing to have one of her sisters or brothers and none were available Jason gave him his puppy. The kids all agreed that that would be best so on sunday afternoon of we went to meet her new family, half way of course. It was a pleasnt drive and Nook thats the puppys name seemed to love her new owner. So alls well that ends well right.


Harper Family said...

So did you have two puppies or is this the same puppy you bathed? I am so confused....
hee hee hee

debbie said...

Wow, I can't believe how tiny she was. Thank you, Trevor loves her. We changed her name to Nicki.